Hi people! I’m so excited to tell you about my trip to Hawaii that I made in company of my friend Clara! I could describe what Hawaii made me feel in four words: peace , happiness, paradise and freedom. I’ve never felt such an amazing feeling!  I spent 7 days in Hawaii, but for me … More MY TRIP TO HAWAII

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Independence Day

Hi guys! Today I’m gonna talk about Independence Day! It’s been a long time that I don’t write on it, but I haven’t had time. In summer, I’m too busy taking care of my host sisters all day! I’m so happy to spend all my days with them! First of all, Independence day is celebrating … More Independence Day


Hi guys! Today I’m gonna talk about my great trip to Chicago! It’s been a long time that I don’t write on my blog, but I’m here so happy after my trip 😀 It was just one weekend + Monday (memorial day) but it was enough to visit this amazing and unforgettable city! I went with … More Chicago


Hello people! Hoy quiero hablar sobre el viaje que realice a Boston hace 2 semanas y algo. Me fui con mi coche ya que mi Host Family me deja conducir a una distancia de alrededor 4 o 5 horas, no mas, porque el coche es viejo y repararlo cuesta bastante dinero aquí en USA y … More BOSTON

Estudiar en USA

    Hi ! – Maricel here! 😀 Hoy quiero hablar del tema de los créditos que tenéis que finalizar para cumplir tu año como Au Pair. Para ello tenéis que obtener como mínimo 6 créditos en una escuela o universidad acreditada (esto equivale a unas 3 horas semanales durante 6 meses). Los estudios pueden ser … More Estudiar en USA

The big storm

Hi everybody! I’m alive! I say this because last Saturday I experienced a big storm in Scarsdale «New York». All day was snowing and windy. I was at home alone because my host family went to another house in Long Island «Hamptons», so I was very very very very very very bored. Nevertheless I was … More The big storm

Merry Christmas

          Hi friends, I’m here again! Today I’m going to talk about how is Christmas like in the United States and also I want to talk about one curious thing that currently is happening. Where is the snow? I thought that on Christmas in New York all of the streets should … More Merry Christmas