Coming back is sometimes hard!


I know that it’s been a long time since I last wrote in this blog. Sorry!!!! 😀

Today I’m inspired and I would like to talk about how I’m feeling after a year in Spain.

First of all, I want to say that I wouldn’t change anything in my life; however if I had a time machine and I could travel to any place and time I would go to United States and l live the same I lived there, without «changing» anything.

I keep in touch with my host sisters , we write to each other once per month. We use different social media to stay connected. I am so lucky to still be able to communicate with them.

As some of you know, when I came from New York after a year living over there, it was hard to start again in Spain. I started to live with my parents again and also I was living in a little town where I didn’t have a car or access to the train.

It was hard because first of all I’m 27 years old and at this age is just hard to live with your parents. You have your own opinion, your own way to do things, etc..  and secondly, I was used to live alone and in a big place during a year, so just imagine how it was ! Besides all this, I couldn’t find a good job or at least a job that where I could earn enough money! It drove me crazyy !! I had thought to move to another country, like Australia.

I hope some day I can tell about all my adventures to my kids and inspire them to do it in their lives.

In summary, I just wanted to let you know that living in another country is always a new start again but also coming back to your own country you start over again and I think is harder, because you have changed a lot and everyone around you stay the same and I promise you that this feeeling is hard.


I will let you know here an article in Spanish version where you can undestand better what I want to express. I think you can active the translator to understand it in English.

Volver a casa después de vivir en otro país no es tan fácil como parece 

I still have some goals that I will explain you in the next post ^^ So are you ready for more?

Thanks for reading my Blog!!! See you soon people!


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